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Office Ergonomics


Shop floor assessment by ergonomic consultant

This is done by an industrial visit to the shop floor and ergonomic evaluation of the workstation.

There are two categories.

  • Office Ergonomics
  • Industrial Ergonomics


  • Walk through of the shop floor
  • Interaction with employees
  • Impact on the musculoskeletal health of the workers
  • Discussion with the factory medical officers
  • Measurements of heights and distances of the machines and equipment
  • Measurements of heights and distances of the machines and equipment
  • Physiological, anthropometric measurements of workers
  • Evaluation of computer workstations and seating
  • Evaluation of ergonomic hazards and risk factors
  • Evaluation of workspace layout
  • Cognitive ergonomics
  • Organisational ergonomics
  • Medical examination for musculoskeletal problems


  • Training and awareness creation
  • Modifications to the workstations and mechanisation
  • Re-Design of equipment after studying ergonomic hazards
  • Ergonomic audit to check validation of ergonomic tools


Awareness Lecture: Demonstration on health at work for computer professionals and industrial workers.

Location: At work site.
Duration: 2 Hours

Topics covered: [By Ergonomist]

  • Musculoskeletal disorders - Early warning signs, risk factors
  • Prevention and treatment strategies: Workstation modification, ergonomic accessories
  • Explanation of Do’s and don’ts for the workers.
  • Postural advice
  • Exercises to prevent MSD [by physiotherapist]
  • Demonstration of computer break exercises for office ergonomics
  • Back and neck care for industrial workers

Work from Home Package

This is the same as the “TAKE CARE” PACKAGE given above, but training is given virtually.


Duration: 5 Hours

In Addition to TAKE CARE Package this includes

Eye Care

  • Awareness lecture on computer vision syndrome
  • Simple eye exercises
  • Monitor adjustment


  • Balanced diet
  • Food to eat and avoid.
  • Design of diet in the office and home

Yoga For Stress Relief

  • Breathing techniques like Pranayama, Bhastrika and Kapala bhati
  • Suryanamaskara, and some simple asanas


This is a yearly contract for regular visits by the following:

  • Visit by medical and ergonomic consultant
  • Visit by consultant Physiotherapist for on-site training
  • Medical Treatment
  • Physiotherapy treatment
  • Yoga, diet or eye care advice, depending on clients needs.